The Ultimate List of Foods for Strong Teeth and Gums

You might have heard that you are what you eat, and that is true for your gums and teeth as well. Your sugar-rich and starchy products are loved by bacteria also and result in tooth decay and gum disease.

It is true that you are not complete without a smile. However, when it’s about getting a full smile, it is not only about good oral hygiene, but what you eat also plays a pivotal role in the health and radiance of your white teeth.

This post will cover the best food to keep your smile shining bright. Let’s find out more about the healthier and happier smile foods.

Cheese, Milk, and Yogurt:

One of the best foods for healthy teeth is cheese. And there are a number of reasons for that, such as it is low in sugar and high in calcium. Cheese has casein, a protein that strengthens tooth enamel. It is also rich in calcium, which supports strong bones. Moreover, cheese has high phosphate levels that balance pH levels in your mouth, preserving tooth enamel. Chewing cheese also boosts saliva production, washing away harmful bacteria in your mouth.


Apart from that, milk is the best drink for the teeth. It is rich in calcium, and that is what makes it a vital element of dental health. Like milk, cheese also lowers the acid levels in the mouth and helps in fighting tooth decay.

Leafy Greens:

Foods rich in leafy greens are the best way to a healthy foods list. Leafy greens often feature on lists of healthy foods. They come with essential vitamins and minerals while being low in calories. Additionally, varieties like kale and spinach can even boost oral health. Calcium-rich leafy greens can help rebuild enamel on your teeth. They contain folic acid, which is a type of B vitamin that offers a variety of health benefits, such as treating gum disease in pregnant women. If incorporating leafy greens into your diet is challenging, consider adding a handful of baby spinach to your next salad or incorporating kale onto a pizza. Another option could be blending greens into a smoothie.


According to the ADA, you should avoid sugary foods, but there are some exceptions to this rule. For example, an apple might be sweet, but it is rich in fiber and water. It produces saliva in the mouth, which helps to rinse the bacteria and food particles. The fiber in the food also stimulates the gums. So, go and pack the whole apple or slices in your lunch and give your mouth a good scrubbing after the meal.


Carrots, like apples, are a crunchy and fiber-rich food. Consuming a handful of raw carrots after a meal can stimulate saliva production and decrease the likelihood of developing cavities. In addition to their fiber content, carrots are a valuable source of vitamin A. Consider adding some raw carrot slices to your salad or snacking on baby carrots as a healthy option.


Almonds are excellent for dental health due to their high calcium and protein content and low sugar levels. Incorporate a few almonds into your lunch, salad, or stir-fry for optimal oral health, alongside consuming leafy greens, dairy products, and fibrous vegetables.


Be mindful of what you drink; water is the optimal choice as it contains no calories or sugar, unlike juice or carbonated beverages. Remember, maintaining a healthy smile relies on a proper diet.

Lean Meat:

Taking lean meat such as fish or chicken is a great source of protein that can improve dental health. It is also a good source of phosphorus, a vital mineral that helps in bone remodeling and production. If you don’t have enough phosphorus in the diet, your teeth may become chipped and break even if you have a good amount of calcium intake and vitamin D.

Fatty Fish:

Calcium-rich food is not only good for bone health but also necessary for teeth and gums. This vital nutrient is found in a variety of foods such as vegetables, tofu, and dairy products like milk and yogurt. Vitamin D also helps in calcium absorption. Your body cannot utilize calcium without vitamin D. Adding fatty fish like salmon and mackerel to the diet is a simple and delicious solution. These fish are a great source of vitamin D for your teeth and disease-free gums.


Well, you might be wondering how chocolates can be a healthy food for your teeth. Well, there is a little surprise. Consuming dark chocolates can be a superfood as they contain cocoa bean husk or CBH to strengthen the tooth enamel. So, consuming dark chocolate that is sugary offers maximum health benefits. You should rinse the mouth after taking it.

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