Post-Conflict Strategies: Palestinian Authority’s Vision for Gaza Reconstruction and International Collaboration

Amid the ongoing conflict, Arab reports indicate that Palestinian Authority President Abu Mazen is taking steps to establish a new government with a primary focus on ensuring the security and rehabilitation of Gaza. This proposed “expert government,” led by Dr. Muhammad Mustafa, CEO of the Palestinian Investment Fund, aims to address the immediate needs of the region.

President Abbas’s recent visit to Doha, Qatar, at the invitation of the prince, is seen as an opportunity to explore expanding the Palestinian Authority’s influence in Gaza post-war. This visit aligns with suggestions from US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, who advised Abu Mazen to prepare for the aftermath of the war without waiting for its conclusion.

According to reports, Abu Mazen has briefed Blinken on ongoing preparations, including the formation of a new government, a rehabilitation plan, and reforms for the PA’s administrative, legal, and economic systems. The rehabilitation plan notably involves the establishment of a United Nations-supervised rehabilitation authority.

In a surprising development, officials from Hamas, a recognized terrorist organization, have expressed willingness to cooperate with the Palestinian Authority in the reconstruction efforts for Gaza. However, they emphasize the need for a national reference for the government and the Reconstruction Authority, involving various Palestinian political forces and independent national figures.

Hamas has reportedly committed not to disrupt reconstruction efforts, signaling a potential shift in collaboration with the Palestinian Authority for the benefit of Gaza’s residents. The nature of the overseeing body and its operational framework remain key considerations in this cooperative effort.

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